Bylo nebylo #7

13. 11. 2011

Dneska zase jednou pracovní:

Patrick Riley - The Cambridge companion to Rousseau

 Anotace: Rousseau, the great political theorist and philosopher of education, was an important forerunner of the French Revolution, though his thought was too nuanced and subtle ever to serve as mere ideology. This is the only volume that systematically surveys the full range of Rousseau's activities in politics and education, psychology, anthropology, religion, music, and theater. New readers will find this the most convenient and accessible guide to Rousseau currently available, while advanced students and specialists will find a conspectus of recent developments in the interpretation of Rousseau.

První věty: There is no need to recommend the writings of Jean-Jacques Rousseau: the greatest of all critics of inequality, the purest social contract theorist of the eighteenth century (and simultaneously the deepest critic of contractarianism after Hume), the greatest writer on civic education after Plato, the most perceptive understander of mastery and slavery after Aristotle and before Hegel, the finest critic of Hobbes, the most important predecessor of Kant, the most accomplished didactic novelist between Richardson and Tolstoy, the greatest confessor since Augustine, the author of paradoxes ("the general will is always right" but "not enlightened") that continue to fascinate or infuriate. Rousseau's extensive range and intensive depth have been best brought out by Judith Shklar, in the Postscript to her celebrated Men
and Citizens:
What did his contemporaries recognize as great in him, even those who reviled him as a charlatan and a poseur? He lived among the most intelligent and competent literary judges.

Ale překládat to vážně nebudu. Kdo má zájem, může začít :)

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